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Breeding Miniature Horses &
Shetland Ponies

Everything you need to know from
hand breeding a stallion to caring
for pregnant mares to delivering
your foal. Includes color photos of
foaling signs and videos of mares


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Buying Miniature Horses &
Shetland Ponies

This book covers the proper
paperwork you get when you
buy a mini or pony to common
contract terms. Also a chapter
on Shetland papers. This book
will save you time and money
by avoiding common mistakes.


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Feeding Miniature Horses &
Shetland Ponies

Probably one of the most
frequent questions I get asked
is how to feed minis and
ponies. There are a lot of myths
that can be downright


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You get the Breeding, Buying
and Feeding E-books for
discounted price of


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Halter Showing Tips for Miniature
Horses & Shetland Ponies

Coming Soon!

What is the judge looking for?
Grooming tips. How to present
your horse to his best advantage.
Common newbie mistakes.
Basic Training for Miniature
Horses & Shetland Ponies

Coming Soon!

Giving to pressure, halter
breaking, new horse issues,
food aggression, biting leading.
Over the years I have always tried to help people new to Miniature horses and Shetland ponies. I
remember what it was like to be new and despertly want information. But I found myself typing the
same information over and over. To save my wrists, a good friend suggested I put my
experiences in a series of Ebooks.

Editing, formatting and cover art by Jamie Wilson
Special thanks to Jamie Wilson for all of her help converting my writing to Ebooks. I highly
recommend her!

The following ebooks are in PDF format and can be read on any computer that has Adobe PDF
reader. All payments are made via Paypal

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Testimonials for Breeding Miniature Horses & Shetland Ponies:

It was so informative and wonderful for a person like me who does'nt know much.  I also
think experienced breeders could probably learn a thing or two.  It was great, thank you so
much for giving me the opportunity to learn from your experience.  It was wonderful.
Thanks again, Alex.

I LOVE, LOVE this book. It is simply written, for people like me, to understand. Thanks for
giving me the opportunity to read it. Kelly

All payments are made via Paypal!

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